Electrochemical testing, characterization and modelling

SOFC test benches at IWE.© KIT
Single cell test housing and anode supported SOFC © KIT


Work Package Objectives

In WP3, state of the art and improved cells from WP6 will be tested. The improvements of WP 6 will be validated by statistically ensured performance, reproducibility and durability tests (TOFC).

Close to reality, single cell tests will be performed to evaluate cell performance and durability under stack-like conditions (AVL).

A detailed electrochemical analysis of baseline and selected redesigned cells will be performed and the reforming kinetics of baseline and selected redesigned cells will be evaluated. The electrochemical modeling activities in WP 3 will provide complex continuum models of electrochemistry and reforming catalysis (KIT) for stack and system simulations and probabilistic design optimizations (WP 4).

A microstructural analysis and reconstruction of baseline and selected redesigned cells will be performed to evaluate model parameters for physically meaningful electrode models and provide a space resolved microstructural description for 3D FEM simulations of mechanical and electrochemical processes in the cell (KIT, DTU).


Specific Challenge

In WP 3 the addressed improvements of cells will be validated with respect to their electrochemical performance, durability and reproducibility. On the one hand statistically ensured tests of a sufficient quantity of cells are required to validate the taken measures. On the other hand a detailed electrochemical analysis and modeling is required to evaluate the impact of those measures on the individual loss mechanisms and their long term behavior. The analysis and modeling of electrochemistry and electrode microstructures is required for the stack and system simulations as well as the probabilistic design optimizations.


Further Reading

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Work Package Leader:

Organisation: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT

Institute of Materials for Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Name: Dr.-Ing. André Weber