Reliability targetsand testing procedures

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Work Package Objectives

In order to develop an improved cell, consideration of its operation when it is used by potential customers should be made. This aim can be achieved by using the AVL Load Matrix™ product, with a tried and tested methodology and a software tool used to design validation test programs in order to meet reliability and durability targets for various products. The challenge of defining and prioritizing mechanical type failure modes and designing a suitable test cycle for the 3 stack tests in WP 7 will be achieved. This test cycle will be designed to stress the mechanical failure modes, within reason, and the AVL LM™ statistical tool will be used, with models developed in WP2, in order to establish acceleration factors and establish the degree of reliability and durability covered by the 3 stack tests. 


Specific Challenge

The initial challenge is to define and coordinate the prioritization of the failure modes that the consortium believes should be considered within the 3 stack tests in WP5. Designing a test cycle, that stresses as many of these failure modes, in order to achieve reasonable acceleration factors, while at the same time not outright destroying the stack within 4000 hours is also a challenge. Establishing the acceleration factors using simplifications to the models in WP2 will also be a challenge and some models may also have to be established outright in WP5.


Work Package Leader:

Organisation: AVL List GmbH

Name: Dr Vincent Lawlor